Wonder Woman comics: the best comics in the history of Wonder Woman!!!

Best Wonder Woman comics analyzed in 2019

Before talking about WONDER WOMAN COMIC, we must talk about its main character. Wonder woman is characterized by having a blood of demigod, which allows her to have too surprising abilities. Among which, we can mention the great movements with his sword, the way he uses his whip of truth and his great protection thanks to his shield and wristbands.

Wonder Woman is one of the most famous super heroines in the DC world, as it is one of the main characters along with batman, superman, flash and green lantern. Within the most prominent comics of this character, we will find:

wonder woman comics

Wonder Woman (Brian Azzarello). This is probably one of the comics that received the most criticism in the beginning but that undoubtedly went viral. This is because the origin of the wonder woman is explained here.

Hiketeia One of the best Wonder Woman comics books indisputably, because here we can see how one of Batman’s enemies seeks protection through the Amazons and the same target will be in the position of fighting Batman if necessary.

75 years of wonder womanes. One of the best and most complete Wonder Woman comic books in terms of the history and development of the person, because here we can see how the evolution of wonder woman has been over the years.

Wonder Woman (George Perez). It is a comic that is based much more on the origin of the wonder woman.

Here we can see the main stages of its history (such as the great influence of Ares “God of War”)

The spirit of truth is one of the best Wonder Woman comic, in which it is seen how the wonder woman actually began to learn how both men and women were in the world. This is a comic belonging to the glorious anthology (here we can find the comics of Superman, Batman and Shazam).

The 5 best phrases of Wonder woman

“I am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves”

“It’s not about deserving, but what you believe. And I believe in love ”

“It is our sacred duty to defend the world, and that is what I will do”

“Do you let that little artifact tell you what to do?”

“If the loss makes you doubt about justice, then you never really believed in justice”