THE INCREDIBLE HULK, don’t make him furious!!!


The incredible Hulk is one of the most recognized characters in the Marvel universe. It can even become one of its main characters, since in addition to the incredible Hulk we find Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Basically it is a greenish creature that is housed in the body of a very intelligent scientist named Bruce Banner. This, in the process of creating a serum that returned to the strongest men, created a kind of monster that loves to destroy all things.

the incredible hulk

On some occasions, the incredible Hulk fills with a lot of fury and wants to destroy the entire city, so in almost all comedians we will see how in the city everyone fears him and the military opens fire on him. This makes him bother much more.

The most recognized appearances of this character are in the avengers group “The most powerful heroes on the planet.” We can see 3 film appearances with a fourth appearance already secured in

Avengers: Endgame. In addition, we can also find many comics, in which we can see it destroying things in action.

But in addition to all this, there is also a season in which the superhero Hulk travels to a planet and reaches the planet Hulk, where he meets more people like him and they form a kind of group to fight evil.

The 5 best Hulk phrases

“Very well, I’m not a great guy like Spiderman. Gamma rays gave me muscles, not a sense of humor. ”

“Those who sow wind will reap whirlwind”

“The power that I have inside cannot control it”

“My secret is that I am always furious”

Hulk just wants to be left alone!”