GECKO PJ MASKS: the most popular of the series!!!

Gecko PJ Masks

The animated television series PJ Masks: Heroes in Pajamas, allows us to follow the lives of three children of six (6) years old Gecko pj masks is one of them, who, at night, save the day with their incredible costumes and Super powers, each representing an animal.

One of our three nocturnal heroes is Greg, better known as Gecko PJ Masks, who has a chameleon or lizard costume. He has powers of the fascinating species of lizards, and that allow us to better appreciate what nature has to offer us.

Amazing powers of Gecko PJ Masks

Lizards or geckos are reptiles that exist in a wide variety of species, and all of them fascinating, interesting and some more common than others. And our hero in Gecko Pj Masks, has the best powers of these fascinating animals.

The chameleon has its super camouflage, just as these animals can change their color according to the environment. While most of the lizards have their super grip, which allows them to climb and stick to any surface. It is definitely a very cool super power.

Also, just like some of the largest lizards in our nature, such as the Varanus, the fascinating Komodo Dragon, has super strength. And with his skin of scales, his super skin, protects him from any damage.

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