Pj Masks: Discover these night superheroes!!!

PJ Masks

PJ Masks: Can you imagine spending the night in pajamas? Sounds like a dream come true. This is what the cartoon series is about. They are three friends, who by day make their lives, but at night they save the day.

The series follows its three main characters, the friends Amaya, Connor and Greg, three children of six (6) years of age, who are in the first grade of primary school. These three friends make their normal lives, study, play, have fun and, usually, in the day they run into a problem. A problem that can only be solved by the PJ Masks, at night.

And when there is a problem, situation, and especially a villain that puts the day at risk, Amaya, Connor and Greg wait for the night, where they become the PJ Masks, the heroes in pajamas. They, working as a team and taking advantage of their individual skills, will solve any situation.

PJ Masks characters


The main characters, and who we will follow during the day and night, are the children Amaya Connor and Greg. But at night it is the PJ Masks who hide their identity in their great costumes and get incredible super powers.

Amaya (Buhíta or Ululette): It has an owl costume and powers of this animal, such as owl sight, owl wings and super whirlwind owl wings.

Greg (Gekko or Gecko): He has a lizard or chameleon costume, and powers such as his super lizard grip, super camouflage and his super strength.

Connor (Catboy or Gatuno): He has a cat costume and is a leader of the PJ Masks. He has super cat powers, like his feline ear, super speed and super cat jump.

Our heroes in pajamas solve situations at night. These are usually caused by some recurring villains, who are also children who have other abilities, such as great technological advances or unused powers for things that can ruin the day. These villains are:


Night Ninja

Luna Girl (Luna or Lunatic)

The Wolfy Kids

Values of the PJ Masks

This television series highlights the values of teamwork. It shows how on several occasions each member of the PJ Masks realizes their own mistakes, and makes a great effort to recognize them. Everything to save the day.

The interest in animals. Our heroes in pajamas represent very interesting and fascinating animals, the owl, the cat, the lizard or gecko, which may not be so taken into account, but really show how incredible our nature can be.