MIRACULOUS LADYBUG characters: all about the serie Ladybug!!!

The characters of the series Ladybug

Here you will meet the Miraculous Ladybug characters. The adventures of Ladybug are quite surprising, as this character has wonderful powers and an excellent plot during the development of his story as such.

As you know, Ladybug is a girl, “Marinette Dupain-Cheng “of quite cheerful, intelligent and cunning high school, who was chosen in an unknown way by “fu” (character who gave him a prodigy that allows him to obtain certain super powers).

Similarly, we all know that our superheroes rarely act alone to fight injustice. It is therefore important that we know who the Ladybug characters are who play a fundamental role in this heroic world.

miraculous ladybug characters

First, we can find the heroic companion of Ladybug, which is called “Chat noir or Cat noir”, actually “Adrien agreste “. This is one of the classmates of the main character Ladybug, on his side chat noir was chosen by Fu to be able to carry the prodigy of the cat. (With the help of this prodigy you can obtain many skills that help you in the task of helping Ladybug to save Paris).

On the other hand, among the Miraculous Ladybug characters we have the antagonist (evil character) of the story of Ladybug, which bears as its name “Wild Gabriel / The Collector / Le Papillon”. This is the father of Cat Noir, he secretly obtains the prodigy of the butterfly. Along with this power, he can corrupt people and turn them into some kind of demons with the help of his great dark power

Among the Ladybug people we can also find Ladybug’s best friend at school, “Alya Césaire / Lady Wifi / Rena Rouge”. We usually see her wearing a plaid shirt. Her performance is mostly about helping Ladybug so she can show love to Adrien, but this always happens in a failed attempt.

Finally, we found another Ladybug classmate, which is called “Chloé Bourgeois/queen wasp”. She is the mayor’s daughter and she is a spoiled child who always makes jokes to her classmates, yet she radically changes her personality as the story unfolds.

We cannot forget “Nino Lahiffe/bubble/shell” is the friend of Adrien and Ladybug and Chat Noir during difficult missions.

Nathalie Sancoeur / Catalyst / Mayura is the assistant of Gabriel wild, who manages the mansion and takes care of Adrien . Jungo supervillain with Le Papillon.

Master Wang Fu is a monk of 186 years and seeks bearers reliable enough to entrust to them the wonders of the ladybug and the cat, and chooses Marinette and Adrien, therefore, begins the story.

Top 5 sentences of Ladybug

“Just follow your style and do what you like”

“Don’t confuse justice with revenge”

“If I had friends like you, I’d rather be alone”

“I’m a girl like any other”

“We are an unstoppable team”

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