AQUAMAN MOVIE triumphs!!!

Aquaman movie

The Aquaman movie introduces us to one of the most representative superheroes in the DC world, since in the justice league it occupies a fairly important place. He is a character who has enough powers since he is half man and half Atlantean.

This character is the son of an Atlantean king who fell in love with a beautiful human woman. Aquaman was always raised as a normal child, although he himself knew he was not. However, after the problems in the hometown of “Atlantis” begin to suffer certain problems, he must return to solve them.

Aquaman movie

This trip is where it will be demonstrated if Arthur Curry really is the one who must own the throne and be able to lead Atlantis. But for this he must make a very hard trip, where he will have to pass different tests to really discover who he is.

Aquaman film is quite complete, since it tells us a quite entertaining story and that allows us to clearly appreciate how the development of the life of this great superhero is.

In addition, in Aquaman movie you can see for the first time how it ended up in the list of metahumans after he himself destroyed one of the robots that was conducting the investigation.

Aquaman’s 5 best phrases

“Even in the darkest days there is always hope”

“They are not two worlds, sea and land are one”

“My parents were from different worlds, and I was a product of the love they shared”

“The most important task of a ruler is to keep his people safe”

“If I am sure of something, it is this: there are no gods, not really, and if there were, they do not need me to believe in them”